Protect the United States Against the Evil Spirits

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, an African-American man, died during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A video recording his last moment of his life showed a police officer kept his knee on the right side of Floyd's neck for over 8 minutes while Floyd crying out "I can't breath". That video went viral and caused the angry protests against racial discrimination and police brutality across the nation.

People have every right to protest the injustice of racial discrimination in the society, and Minneapolis Police Department also acted swiftly to fire the policemen involved in this incident and arrest the police office kneed on Floyd's neck. 

However, the peaceful protests against social injustice turned to violent riots, loots and arsons in many cities across the nation. That's a very sad situation. It could be a great opportunity for Americans to unite together against racial discrimination and social injustice, but some people ruined this opportunity by turning it into violent riots, loots and arsons and destroyed the business and private properties of innocent people.

Just as I said before, there are some evil spirits tried to destroy this great nation of God before the "Second Coming". Americans, please do not let your goodwill be misled by the evil spirits. Whether you are white, black or yellow, we should all work together to advocate the social justice in a peaceful manner and turn against any form of violence, no matter what the cause it claimed. 

God is watching from above. If anyone commits a crime and do harmful things to others, they will receive the judgment from God sooner or later. So, be merciful to the others, as your father in heaven is merciful! It is devil's plan to divide and destroy this great nation of God. Let's protect this great nation against the evil spirits by working together to promote the social justice against racial discrimination and stop the violence against innocent people and businesses! 

God Bless!


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