The Divine Call for Justice & Unity

Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, many protests on Racial Discrimination and Police Brutality broke out across the nation. This is a great thing to promote more social equality and justice in the United States of America.

However, there are some disturbing things happened during these protests besides the riots, looting and burning I mentioned in the last blog. Some protesters tried to dominate the movement with their extremist ideology. They called for abolish/defund the police and called for revolution against the society. And some black young men even beat up white people just for the sake of skin color in the name of ending White Supremacy. That's another way of racial discrimination. We cannot replace one extreme of racial discrimination with another extreme of racial discrimination, otherwise the United States of America will become another disaster like South Africa.

Although there are police brutality existed in our society, most police officers are good people who risk their lives to protect the law and order of our society. Just in the first five months of 2020, there were 97 officers died in the line of duty. Without their services, protection and sacrifice, more innocent law-abiding citizens could be the victims of ferocious criminals, and our civilized society would be turned into a barbaric society solely based upon the the strength of muscles and guns. That's not the future that most American people want.

In the case of George Floyd, the police officer Derek Chauvin who kneed on George's neck had 18 prior complaints against him. If the Minneapolis Police Department took the action on his prior complaints, this tragedy could be avoided. There are always some bad cops in the law enforcement, but we cannot discredit the great services and sacrifices provided by most majority of good police officers. 

Therefore, the Son of Man not only called for the justice to be served on the police officers that caused the death of George Floyd, but also called for the reform on police disciplinary system with tougher guideline and mandatory continue education on racial discrimination and police brutality. Only when the police departments have tougher disciplinary system against racial discrimination and police brutality, American people, whether white, black, yellow or red, can have a safer and just society to live and enjoy.

In regarding the Revolution, most American people may not know the history of Revolution. In the French Revolution in the eighteenth century, anyone who disagreed with the Revolutionary government would be considered as Counter-Revolutionaries and sent to Guillotine. In the Communist Revolution in the twentieth century, anyone who disagreed with the Revolutionary government would be considered as Counter-Revolutionaries and shot or beat to death, or sent to the labor camp work/starve to death. These kinds of Revolution had caused huge disasters for the people who initially had a goodwill for the Revolution.

The only successful Revolution in the history was the American Revolution which was under the guidance of God with faith, love and forgiveness. Anyone who had a different opinion could express his/her concern through the voting ballot in his/her hand. And most importantly, when people made their decision based upon the principle in the Word of God and with faith in God, the nation will be blessed by God. That's the main reason that United States of America could grow from a barren land to the Superpower in the world in less than three hundred years.

Therefore, let's pray for God's help to bring justice and unity to this nation. We are all in this One Nation under God. Whether you are left or right, black or white, let's have a rational dialogue and find the right solution to solve this problem. As Jesus said in the Bible, "A kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will not stand." (Mark 3:24-25) Don't let the evil spirit to divide us and destroy this great nation of God.

May God bless America!


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