The New Message of God and the Birthday Gift

For the United States of America 

July 4, 2020

For the past several months, Americans have experienced great challenges from Coronavirus Pandemic to riots in many cities. With the increasing of the confirmed cases of Coronavirus infections, many states re-imposed the lock-down mode, even during this national holiday, to prevent the spread of the virus. This could be one of the toughest Independence Days in American history.

However, God always has love for this New Nation of God He created through the founding fathers of America two hundred two hundred forty-four years ago. Therefore, on this special Independence Day of America, here are the New Message of God and the Birthday Gift from God to help Americans deal with the current domestic conflicts and Coronavirus Pandemic.

1. The New Message of God: Love Will Overcome All Troubles & Evils

Since the death of George Floyd, there have been many protests against racial discriminations and police brutality across the nation. The original goodwill of these protests is all good and most American people are supportive to the goodwill of people. But in many places, the peaceful protests quickly turned into anarchy riots that caused lootings, destroying and burning of local businesses and properties, including some businesses owned by African Americans. That is against the goodwill of most American people.

This is not about the racial discrimination and social justice any more. There is a profound spiritual implication here and I want to give Americans a special warning from spiritual prospect. There is an Evil Spirit that tried to destroy this great nation that God created through the founding fathers of America two hundred forty-four years ago. It will use any mean to incite the conflicts between different groups or races of American people.

Just as Jesus said two thousand years ago, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” (Matthew 12: 25) That’s why Satan tried to divide American people with different ideologies and create hatred toward each other among different groups or races of American people.

1) The Historical Lesson from the American Revolution vs. French Revolution

Two hundred years ago, there were two major revolutions happened in the Western world, the American Revolution and the French Revolution. They all had similar goals for liberty and equality for all people, but they had dramatic different outcomes due to different spiritual influence. 

The American Revolution was under the influence of the Holy Spirit of Christ while the French Revolution was under the influence of Anti-Christ. That’s why the United States of America was build upon the Judeo-Christian principles with love and forgiveness and created the peaceful voting system to resolve the differences among people, while the French Revolutionists turned against Christianity and created guillotine with hatred and brutality to eliminate the different voices under the “Reign of Terror”.

In the end, the American Revolution succeeded and created a great One Nation under God which eventually became the most powerful country in the world, but the French Revolution failed miserably and most French Revolutionists died in the following Napoleonic Wars. God even blessed the United States by turning the French Colonies in the North America to the United States through the amazing deal of the “Louisiana Purchase”. The Godless France became weaker and weaker and eventually fell into the occupation of Germany during World War II. The spiritual influences of Christ and Anti-Christ during the American Revolution and the French Revolution were the main causes behind the rising of America and the fall of France in the following two hundred years.

2) The Historical Lesson from the Communist Revolutions & the Great Cultural Revolution

In the last century, Satan also inspired the Communist Revolution across the world under the disguise of the utopian concept of "Commonly-Shared Community". It attracted many youth of goodwill in the world to join the Communist Revolution at the beginning, but later it turned out to be largest Anti-God and Anti-humanity disaster in the world history. Over one hundred million people were persecuted or killed in the Communist countries in the last century. The Communist Revolution inhered the same cold-hearted brutality in the "Reign of Terror" from the French Revolution, because they were under the same spiritual influence of the Evil Spirit of Anti-Christ / Satan as prophesied in the Bible's Book of Revelation.

During the peak of the Communist Revolution in the last century, there were a "Great Cultural Revolution" in China from 1966 to 1976 when eight hundred million people went crazy to worship Mao Zedong as the Savior of the World and destroyed all religions of God. The young people of the "Red Guards" also went to all public places to destroy the ancient heritages and artifacts of China, which they deemed as the "Anti-revolutionary" Old Craps. It was a "Great Cultural Disaster" in Chinese history as these ancient heritages and artifacts were non-replaceable and lost forever. And now, the similar Cultural Revolution is happening in the United States of America.

3) The Historical Sin of Slavery System

Currently, some people tried to destroy all the statues of American historical figures who had any related connection to the slavery system, just like what happened during the "Great Cultural Revolution" in China fifty years ago.

We all recognize that the slavery system is one of the most inhuman systems in the human history and we are all against it now. However, it was also an ancient system with a long history over thousands of years in the world. We cannot require all the ancient people have the same moral standard as we have now, nor should we deny those historic people's contribution to the human progress during the time when slavery was part of norm in their society.

Although the slavery system was an inhumane and unjustified system in the human history, God could still use it for a good purpose. In Chapter 37 of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, Joseph's brothers were jealous about their father's love for Joseph and also Joseph's dream about them bowing down to him. They initially planned to kill Joseph, but God sent a caravan of Ishmaelites passing by so they sold Joseph for twenty shekels of silver to the Ishmaelites. God used the slave trade to save Joseph's life, who later became the chief official of the Pharaoh in charge of Egypt and saved his whole family during the time of the big famine. (Genesis 42)

In the same way, God also used the slave trade to bring some Africans to the New Continent of America. Although some slave traders and owners did not treat slaves humanely at the beginning, eventually all those salves were freed after President Lincoln's abolished slavery in 1865. However, after the abolishment of slavery in the United States, the migration of Africans to the United States was basically halted in the next 100 years because no one wanted to help them without any potential to make a profit. You can blame it on the selfishness of human beings or capitalism, but that's just the reality. Those who were left in Africa could not afford to migrate to the United States of America by themselves and they suffered much worse living conditions than those who were brought to the United States of America through the slave trade.

When life gives you a lemon, God can help you turn it into a lemonade. Although the slavery system is a bad social system in the history, God did use it to do some good things for the people in need. Therefore, it is important for people to move on and pass the historical sin of slavery of the old generations and remember and honor those who had made great contribution to the human progress in the history, especially on their contributions to this great nation of God on the earth. Every generation has its own limitation and short-comings. Let's not judge the previous generations based upon the current standard, otherwise you will be judged by the future generations based on their future standard.

I hope people can learn the lesson from history and realize dangerous spiritual influence of the Evil Spirit that tries to destroy this great nation of God. We should all work together to fight the racial discrimination and social injustice rather than going to the extreme and fighting against each other. People may have different opinions on different issues, which is very normal in the country with the freedom of speech. Let’s resolve these issues through constructive dialogue with love and forgiveness, not the destruction and riots with hatred and revenge in the heart.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good and love.” (Roman 12:21) Learn the lesson from history so that people would not be deceived by the Evil Spirit of Satan again. This is the New Message of God for Americans to resolve the current conflicts in the United States of America.

2. The Birthday Gift for America, and for the World, - The Natural Remedies on the Coronavirus

With the increase of infections of Coronavirus, the country is facing another lock down amid fast spread of Coronavirus. There is a great risk of another around of outbreak of Coronavirus, which could hurt the US economy badly. 

Now, at this Independence Day, here is the Birthday Gift from God for the United States, and for the world as well: The natural remedies and simple method to fight against the Coronavirus.

1. The Natural Foods that Can Improve Your Immune System for Prevention or Self-Healing

Here are some natural foods and fruits that can help you improve your immune system and fights the Coronavirus. It could be very effective when combined with the existing medicines for cold and flu.

2. The Innovative Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy  

This is the combination of Chinese acupuncture and western medicine in curing flu and fighting virus. It could kill the Coronavirus before it reaches your lung and causes severe damage to your lung and other internal organs. This could be an effective way to defend against the infection of Coronavirus before the vaccine is available.

3. The Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines that Saved the City of Wuhan

During the time of Coronavirus pandemic in China, Chinese doctors developed the herbal medicines on Coronavirus based upon the two-thousand-years practice of the traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines in treating flu and plagues. That's one of the main reasons that China put the Coronavirus under control with much lower death rate than the western countries.


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The year 2020 is the year of change and the world will change forever. Satan has started its final struggle and attacks against God and His children before it will be defeated and locked down in the Abyss as prophesied in Chapter 20 of Bible's Book of Revelation. This is the New Message of God and the Birthday Gift from God on the current situation in the world. 

Happy Birthday, the United States of America! 

God Bless!


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