The May Flower Super Blood Moon for 

The "Second Coming" of the Messiah &

The New Era of Great Awakening 

Today, May 26, 2021, there is a special celestial phenomenon in the sky, the May Flower Super Blood Moon. It is not only a natural phenomenon in the sky, but also a prophetic sign with historical significance. 

1. The Formation of the Super Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse with a reddish color when the moon moves into the full shadow of the earth. As the Sun light passes through the atmosphere of the earth, some colors in the light spectrum - those towards the violet spectrum - are filtered out by a phenomenon called Rayleigh Scattering. This is the same mechanism that causes reddish sunrises and sunsets. 

The Super Moon is the full moon occurring when the moon is at its closest point, the perigee, in its orbit around the Earth. It appears 8% larger than the full moon's appearance at its average distance from the earth. The Full Moon in May is also known as the Flower Moon. 

On May 26, 2021, the total lunar eclipse happens at the time of the Super Moon in May, thus it is called Super Flower Blood Moon, or May Flower Super Blood Moon. 

2. The Tetrad of Blood Moons

What's special of this Super Blood Moon is that this is the first Super Blood Moon of the Four Continuous Super Blood Moons in the next two years, which is called the Tetrad of Blood Moons. The next three Super Blood Moons will be on November 19, 2021, May 16, 2022, and November 8. 2022. 

In the last century, there were some significant historical events associated with the Tetrad of Blood Moons. Before the Tetrad of Blood Moons from April 13, 1949 to  September 26, 1950, the Country of Israel was re-established in their ancient homeland after Jews were expelled from their homeland almost two thousand years ago. Then the First Middle East War broke out between Israel and its Arabic neighbors. In July 1949, after the first Blood Moon of the Tetrad in April 1949, Israel finally won the War of Independence and became an independent country in the Middle East.

No other nation has been reborn after two thousand years of scattering around the world. It's the fulfillment of the prophecy in the Bible's Book of Ezekiel that the Sovereign Lord would bring the "dried bones of Israel" back to life and bring them back to the land of Israel. (Ezekiel 37:11-14)

Again, during the Tetrad period from April 24, 1967 to October 6, 1968, Israel defeated Egypt, Syria and their Arabic allies during the "Six-Day War" in June 1967, and took control of the Sinai Peninsula and captured the Old City of Jerusalem. This was a significant historical event in the Jewish history since they were expelled from the destroyed Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago after the failed revolt against the Roman Armies in the first century.

Now, this Tetrad of Blood Moons also carried the prophetic meaning and historical significance on the biblical scale.

3. The Biblical Prophecies of the Blood Moons.

In the Bible, there were several prophecies regarding the "Blood Moon": 

The first two prophecies were regarding "the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord." The third prophecy was about the judgment of God at the end of the "Dark Age". But due to the mercifulness of the Lord, the judgment was postponed until the Reformation was completed and the people of faith came out of the corrupted Dark Age as prophesied in Chapter 7 & 8 of the Book of Revelation. (See the video about "The Four Horsemen and Six Seals in Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation")

Now, after the rebirth of Israel in 1948 and re-capture of Jerusalem in 1967 during the previous Tetrad of Blood Moons, this time the Tetrad of Blood Moons, along with the following Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021, is for "the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord." It's the coming of the Messiah for the "Second Coming" as prophesied in the Bible's Book of Revelation. 

However, the "Second Coming" of the Messiah prophesied in the Book of Revelation is different than what most people were taught and anticipated in the past two thousand years. It's the coming of the "Male Child" prophesied in the Bible's Book of Revelation (12:5). There are actually "Five Stages of the Second Coming" prophesied in the Book of Revelation from Chapter 12 to Chapter 19. And there is a difference between the "Second Coming" in the Spiritual Realm and the "Second Coming" in the Physical World. 

In the Spiritual Realm, the Christ/Messiah and His armies of angels would have come from the Heaven; in the real Physical World, the Messiah and His angels have already incarnated as normal persons on the earth, just like Elijah in the Old Testament came as John the Baptist in the New Testament.

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." (Revelation 3:20)

With the coming of the Messiah for the New Millennium of Peace & Wisdom, the 2,000-year mystery of the Book of Revelation was decoded for the first time in two thousand years. Again, it would be different than what most people were taught in the past two thousand years.

For more information about the "Second Coming" of Messiah and the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, please watch the videos in 

"The Proclamation of the Second Coming for the New Millennium"



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