The Natural Remedies for Coronavirus

Spinal Accupoints Stimulation Therapy


The human spinal nerves are the major parts of nerve command network that carries the sensory and responsive signals from the brain to the different parts of the body. When people gets sick or infected by virus, some organs may fail to respond or function properly. Therefore, it will take some external stimulation to re-activate or re-enhance the functionality of the dysfunctional organs. That's how ancient Chinese doctors developed acupuncture techniques to stimulate the energy flow and internal organs inside the body to cure diseases.   

Here are some acupoints in the upper back that specifically target the lung and heart of the body.

When people get infected by Coronavirus, their lungs are attacked by the virus, which triggers our immune system to respond. Unfortunately, during this fight against the invading virus, normal lung cells are also destroyed, which cause inflammation in the lung and the lung gradually loses its normal functionality of delivering oxygen to the blood. 

Therefore, it is important at the early stage of the infection for patients to enhance the functionality of their lungs by stimulating their spinal nerves and those acupoints targeting lung and heart before their lungs suffer unrecoverable damages. Here is a simple Spinal Acupoints Stimulation Technique that patients can do at home with the help of their family members or friends.

1. The family member or helping friend needs to warm up his/her hand by rubbing his/her hands together or rinse them in warm water. Cold hands won't work.

2. Use warm hand to rub/massage along the spine in the upper back up and down for about 1-2 minutes, and then move to the right and left 3 inches and rub along the line up and down for 1-2 minutes each time. This will help stimulate the spinal nerves and nearby acupoints that connected to your lung and heart to enhance their functionality against the attacks from the virus. 

The main cause of the death of Covid19 patients was the suffocation of patients as their lungs become inflamed and filled with fluid, making it harder to breathe. The right way of stimulation can help relieve this symptom thus save people's lives. Many patients made the same mistake by giving up on their own self-healing system inside their body and totally relying on the medicines and external treatment. That may be not enough for some patients. It's better for people to re-enhance their own self-healing & immune system along with the medical treatment to fight back the attacks by the Coronavirus. 

The good thing about this technique is that it is very simple and everyone can do it at home with the help of their family members or friends. And it has no side-effect. So, I highly recommend people to try it at home at the beginning stage of the infection. You can use this technique even during the time of medical treatment in the hospital. It will enhance the effectiveness of medical treatment you receive by improving your own self-healing and immune system. I hope this technique can help more patients recover from this deadly virus and save more lives. 

God Bless!


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