On Vaccines & Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

for Covide-19 Coronavirus


Currently, the Covid-19 Coronavirus has already caused over 100 million infected and causes over 200,000 people infected every day and thousands of people died on the daily basis worldwide.  People are all waiting for the vaccines for Covid-19 Coronavirus and many companies in the world are working around clock to create and test the vaccines in hope to defeat this deadline virus.

On Vaccines

Theoretically, a vaccine should be the best solution for this kind of virus. However, this Covid-19 Coronavirus is so cunning that it can mutate faster than people can create a vaccine for it. There are quite a few cases that previous recovering patients from Covid-19 were infected again by the mutated new version of Covid-19 Coronavirus. The antibody created in his own body from the previous infection won't help to prevent him from getting infected by the new mutation of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. 

More alarmingly, there are some cases of healthy people died from the newly developed vaccines. Normally, a vaccine takes several years to develop, but due to the urgency of this Covid19 Pandemic, the process of developing the vaccine for Coronavirus was expedited. It could cause some negative effect on the Coronavirus vaccines. People need to be cautious about the vaccine they take and watch closely on the negative effect of these newly developed vaccines.

Recent studies show that vaccines for Covid-19 Coronavirus are not guaranteed effective against all variations of Covid-19 Coronavirus and the antibody the vaccine created inside the body may gradually diminish over the time. The Antibody created by the vaccines won't stop people from getting infected by the Coronavirus. It only helps people to fight against the Coronavirus once people get infected.

Therefore, although some vaccines have shown positive results, it is still very important for people to improve their own immune system and keep social distance and proper protection against the Covid-19 Coronavirus, even after they are vaccinated.

On Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

For the treatment of Coronavirus, the most controversial medicine for Covid-19 Coronavirus is Hydroxychloroquine. Many doctors have used this medicine, often along with Zinc and Azithromycin, to treat early stage patients infected by Covid-19 and received good results, but FDA does not approve it for the treatment of Covid-19 Coronavirus due to the concern on its efficacy and side-effect.

The strangest thing is that Hydroxychloroquine has been approved by FDA and used by doctors for treating Malaria since 1955 and there is no serious side-effect on this drug. It has also been used to treat arthritis, lupus, other rheumatic conditions or autoimmune diseases for many decades, and it has been proven to be safe even for pregnant women and children to take it. Why does Hydroxycloroquine suddenly become a dangerous drug to treat Covid-19 Coronavirus?

During this Covid-19 pandemic, many doctors used this medicine to save many lives and it is much less riskier than those newly-created medicines for Covid-19 without the proven track record. It's time to let doctors decide whether this drug is good for their patients with Covid-19 infection.

However, there is some concern about the its side effects on people's heart when Hydroxychloroquine is combined with Azithromycin. If that is the case, doctors should be cautious about this therapy when treating patients with previous heart conditions, but there is no reason to forbid doctors from using it for the treatment of Covid-19 for all patients.


Covid-19 Coronavirus is a new deadly virus that most doctors and governments have never dealt with before. It is important for doctors and government officials to have an open mind on the new therapy treatment on Covid-19 Coronavirus while exercising extreme caution on its side effects on patients with pre-conditions.


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