The Natural Remedies for Coronavirus


The Pandemic of Covid-19 Coronavirus has caused over 100 million people infected and over 2 million deaths worldwide. This Pandemic of Coronavirus is one of the largest plagues in human history. From the spiritual perspective, this Pandemic of Coronavirus is the plague of a biblical scale and it is Satan's attacks on humanity at the "End Time". That's why it is is so cunning that it can mutate into different forms and asymptomatically spread out very quickly.  Anyone who takes this highly infectious Satan's Virus too lightly could be hurt badly.

However, God has already prepared the natural remedies to help people fight back Satan's attack. There are some natural remedies already existing in the nature that can help people to improve their immune system to defeat this virus. It can save people's life before the vaccine is available to everyone.

Here are some natural remedies that showed positive effects on Covid-19 with both patient testimony and scientific researches. Please pass it out to the people you love and people in need to help them defeat this Satan's virus.

1. The Natural Foods that Can Improve Your Immune System for Prevention or Quick Recovery from Covid-19 Infection

Although this Covid-19 Coronavirus is a deadly virus, the majority of patients still get recovered from this infection. The key is to improve your own immune system to fight back this deadly virus.

Here are some natural foods and fruits that can help you improve your immune system and fight the Coronavirus. It could be very effective when combined with the existing medicines for cold and flu.

2. The Innovative Micro-Phenol Acupoints Injection Therapy to Block the Covid-19 Coronavirus

This is an innovative method that combines the traditional Chinese acupuncture with western medicine in curing flu and fighting virus. It injects the micro-dosage of diluted Phenol solution (0.067% Phenol) into four acupoints around the neck, which will kill the Coronavirus on the path of the throat before it reaches your lung and causes severe damage to your lung and other internal organs. 

The doctor who developed this therapeutic method has tested this method on himself as well as his family, associates, and past flu patients and received great results. It could be an effective way to prevent the infection of broad-spectrum Coronavirus and other flu viruses with different mutations.


3. The Spinal Acupoints Stimulation Therapy

When people get infected by Coronavirus, their lungs are attacked by the virus, which triggers our immune system to respond. Unfortunately, during this fight against the invading virus, normal lung cells are also destroyed, which cause inflammation in the lung and the lung gradually loses its normal functionality of delivering oxygen to the blood. 

Therefore, it is important at the early stage of the infection for patients to enhance the functionality of their lungs by stimulating their spinal nerves and those acupoints targeting lung and heart before their lungs suffer unrecoverable damages. Here is a simple Spinal Acupoints Stimulation Technique that patients can do at home with the help of their family members or friends.


4. The Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines that Saved the City of Wuhan

During the time of the Coronavirus pandemic in China, Chinese doctors developed the herbal medicines of Coronavirus based upon the two-thousand-years practice of the traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines in treating flu and plagues. It shows the better results, quicker recovery, and less side-effect than the existing western medicines available. That's one of the main reasons that China put the Coronavirus under control with a much lower death rate than the western countries.

On the website, we will introduce some traditional Chinese herbal medicines that were used in treating Covid-19 patients and saved the city of Wuhan during this Coronavirus pandemic. But more importantly, it is time for scientists to do more research on the traditional herbal medicines that already existed in nature.

5. On Vaccines and Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) for Covid-19 Coronavirus

There are some serious debates on the efficacy of Vaccines and Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19 Coronavirus. There are more and more evidences that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is effective in the early treatment of Coronavirus.

6. The Most Effective Way to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus: Wearing Mask with Melt-Blown Fabric

Currently, the Coronavirus reaches the new height in many states and countries. Most people already aware the importance of wearing mask to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, but many people are wearing home-made masks without the proper protective material - the Melt-Blown Fabric. That's one of the reasons that the Coronavirus is spreading at the astonishing rate at this time. Remember, not all masks are created equal. Picking the right one is the key to stopping the spread of Coronavirus.



7. Pray to God with Faith & Love

Due to the spiritual factor of Satan behind this Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, it's time for people to revive their faith in God and follow the Two Great Commandments of Jesus Christ: "Love God with All Your Heart, All Your Soul, and All Your Mind" and "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself." Don't let this Pandemic of Covid-19 Coronavirus beat you down, nor should anyone use this Pandemic as an excuse to riot and loot others.

God designed the immune system inside of your body for you to fight against any virus. Don't lose your faith in front of this deadly virus. Pray to God, do more exercise, and eat the right food to revive and enhance your immune system to defeat this Satan's Virus Covid-19.

This is a tough time in the world as the darkness before dawn during the "End Time". It's time for people to have faith and love each other to overcome this trial of lifetime. There will be a great New Era of Peace & Wisdom before us as the Messiah of the "Second Coming" has already come!


Thank you & God Bless!


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