The Biblical Prophecies Warned about

The Catastrophic Fall of New York City

Since the beginning of the Pandemic of Covid-19 Coronavirus, New York City has suffered great losses from this deadly virus. It has seen the highest death rate among the nation and had over 23,000 deaths in the last several months. The economy also came into a halt because many businesses closed their doors due to this Covid-19 Coronavirus.

What was even worse was that many protests against racial discrimination after the death of George Floyd in May 2020 turned into riots that destroyed the buildings and stores in the commercial hub of New York City. Due to the concern of the Coronavirus and personal safety, many businesses shut the door and many affluent people fled the city, which left the city with a large shortfall of tax revenue.

How could all these happen to New York City at once and where will New York City go after the end of this pandemic and social unrest?

The bad news is that the prophecies in the Bible prophesied a catastrophic fall of New York City. If people don’t pay attention to the prophecy of God and make a change in their heart, New York City could face the disastrous consequence and never be back to its glorious days.

Here are the seven parts of the Biblical Prophecies about the Fall of Babylon fulfilled by New York City and How to save New York City from the prophesied catastrophe:

  1. The Prophecies of the Fall of Babylon in the Bible

  2. The Spiritual Characteristics of Babylon the Great and the Beast

  3. The Worldly Characteristics of the “Great City of Babylon”

  4. The Great City of New York and the Statue of Liberty

  5. The Spiritual Movement of Babylon the Great in the History

  6. The “Sept. 11” and the Final “Fall of Babylon”

  7. How to Save New York City from the Prophesied Catastrophe 


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Thank You and God Bless!


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